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Global Markets

Our Global Markets business covers the transactions of major financial products and derivatives. We set up a dealing room to further improve our short-term investment performance, asset management and client service. In additional to recruiting trading professionals, we have been dedicated in expanding the spectrum of our product offerings, establishing a sound trading system and operational platform as well as building up a marketing team.

Fixed-Income Currency and Commodities (FICC)

KGI Bank's FICC business comprises trading and marketing of fixed-income securities, currencies and derivatives. The scope of business covers Asia region, 11 leading industrialized nations and emerging economies.

The FICC team provides services to cover three different trading hours across Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

In addition, KGI Bank has established a number of electronic trading platforms where clients can trade directly with key players across global markets. These platforms, including the forex trading platform, the interest rate/bond trading platform and the derivatives trading platform, allow our clients to benefit from competitive pricing and superior services in each and every transaction. To ensure business integrity and compliance with the New Basel framework, KGI Bank not only operates with high degree of self-discipline, but also adopts a state-of-the-art risk management system to achieve quality return for our shareholders.


KGI Bank's equity business includes the trading of listed, convertibles and options, index futures/options and stock futures, and overseas stocks. While conducting short-term investment in TAIEX and OTC listed stocks, KGI Bank also strives for steady profits. It adopts stocks/CB long-short strategy, uses hedging vehicles of index futures and stock futures, and stock lending to diversify risks. Meanwhile, the Bank is increasing its investment in equity with high cash dividend yield to expand the source of the income for its equity business and Future Program Trading.

Trading with Prestigious International Banks

As a major trader of products issued by Taiwanese banks, KGI Bank has become a close trading partner of leading international banks, such as Barclays, J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, BNP, Bank of America and Credit Agricole SA. These partnerships enable KGI Bank to become familiar with the latest financial instruments and develop products to be more competitively priced for domestic and foreign individuals, corporations and other financial institutions.

Looking forward, KGI Bank is working to forge strategic alliances with other top-tier financial institutions worldwide in an effort to expand its product portfolio and earnings sources. It will continue to implement stringent risk management practices, setting up investment strategies overall to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable profitability.