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Digital Banking

In response to emerging digital technologies and the rise of Generation Y, KGI Bank established the Digital Banking Division in 2014, dedicated to digital financial products and services development to transform bank’s business model into new digital era. The goal is to serve the customers from every aspect from virtual channel such as websites and applications to physical branches. In that way, customers will be satisfied and KGI Bank is getting closer to their life.

In personalized financial services domain, the bank focuses on customer experience, information and communication technology (ICT), digital integrated marketing, and big data analysis. The priority is service innovation and the development of O2O (Online to Offline); for example, the integration of physical and virtual channels, mobile payment, and third-party payment. On the other hand, corporate finance focus on providing integrated cash management solutions which include products and services related to transactions and financing to corporate clients (venture capitals, commercial banking, trust, securities, and leasing).

In the premise of KGI Bank’s strength in ICT, the bank will work with strategic partners to develop a B2B2C2B (Business to Business to Consumer to Business) e-commerce ecosystem to support business expansion of corporate clients and enable a digital life experience for individual clients. Ultimately, KGI Bank aims to create common good for all stakeholders, develops a differentiated business model targeting a market niche, and tap into potential opportunities for bank growth.

Transaction Banking

Transactional Based Lending products and services include trade finance and Factoring business. KGI Bank offers domestic and international corporate customers a full range of tailor-made trade finance solutions as well as assists to avoid unexpected bad debts generated from the buyer/counterparty credit risk. In addition, KGI corporate E-Banking offers the online inquiry service for trade finance and Factoring, which benefits corporate customers with efficiency and on time information.

KGI Bank offers domestic Factoring and international Factoring, allowing corporate customers can easily apply for Factoring/financing facility and obtain working capital by providing the purchase order or related shipping documents due to the accounts receivable produced from the completion of orders of goods or services to the buyer/counterparty.

In the banking business, cash management services are no longer limited to simple bill collection and payment. It includes designing tailor-made cash management solutions for clients; providing integrated services; and helping with overall planning for cash inflow, outflow and balance. It is also to assist clients with improving the efficiency of fund use, preventing fund risks and developing quality financial management services on the basis of liquidity.

KGI Bank's corporate e-banking provides a powerful and user-friendly interface that makes our clients feel that the bank counter is right next to them. The integrated electronic platform with complete network security allows our clients even conglomerates to complete various tasks at a blink of an eye, such as payment and collection transactions, notifications, queries, the downloading of reports and reconciliation. It provides the best cash management service with high efficiency and low cost, resulting in a more flexible fund use.

Mobile Payment and Innovative Services

In 2011, KGI Bank was the first one of its industry to launch the Mobile Payment X-Card that connects credit cards with bank cards. The bank has successfully partnered with businesses such as Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation and continued to diversify its mobile payment business model. In 2013, KGI Bank introduced QR code-based mobile payment service with Chunghwa Telecom that enabled mobile credit card payment. In 2014, KGI Bank was approved to embed credit card functions into smartphones and worked with Payment Service Provider Trusted Service Manager (PSP TSM), a mobile payment platform in Taiwan. By merging credit card functions with smartphones, KGI Bank was one of the first banks to tap into the largest TSM platform in Taiwan.

In its march towards the era of Bank 3.0, KGI Bank will actively develop a wider range of mobile payment solutions with consideration of both corporates and consumers needs of daily payment transactions, such as O2O mobile payment, e-wallet, customer loyalty program, and third-party payment to fulfill customers’ need on payment convenience.

We aim to build a simple, convenient, and user-friendly on-line service platform, including internet banking, mobile banking, and Web ATM, to have banking is so easy in our lives and furthermore to provide solutions based on consumers’ needs in different situations. We provide full range of online banking services, such as account inquiry, fund transfer, financial investment, FX, credit card, and cash card, to meet customers' needs.

Given the Bank 3.0 trend, KGI bank has been striving to develop innovative on-line services to continuously enhance our customers experience. To take the ride of mobile devise popularity growth aggressively, our on-line banking services would integrate O2O application with different life style and customer segments to provide convenient banking service to the market.