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Consumer Banking

Since its establishment, KGI Bank has focused on personal banking with a wide range of financial services for all individuals. It continues to develop diversified and customized financial products that cater to various wealth management needs, and teams up with strategic partners to add value to its financial products and improve customer satisfaction. The bank offers comprehensive payment services and lines of credit, including personal loans, cash cards, credit cards and mortgage loans for the flexible use of funds. Meanwhile, product differentiation is provided for corporate clients. Moreover, the bank has developed pioneering consumer loans such as stock- and beneficiary certificate-based ones for securities and mutual fund account holders. With an eye on providing the best serve to clients, the bank has begun to transform and upgrade its banking services in compliance with the Financial Supervisory Commission’s (FSC) Bank 3.0 program to keep pace with the digital era. In addition to enhanced and increased online banking options through fintech, the bank also strives to offer multiple channels, convenience and efficiency for its financial products and services.

Personal loans

The personal loan segment saw outstanding balances increase 4% YoY to more than NT$19bn in 2016, with its market share rising steadily. In expanding its personal loan business, the bank primarily targets on professionals and qualified office workers and offers loans at preferential interest rates; on low-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs, it customizes products with a short turnaround time, including revolving credit, balance transfer and small business loans; and the bank also taps into its corporate banking channels to explore business opportunities in listed companies, government agencies, and educational institutions. With a segmented pricing strategy, it aims to widen and deepen its operations with different customer groups and the employees of their corporate clients.

As part of the Bank 3.0 initiative, KGI Bank offers online loan applications to expedite the process and expand into the young customer segment. Also, it continues to partner with various retail channels in integrating mobile payment, mobile internet, e-commerce and social networks to effectively develop its potential customer base.

Credit cards & cash cards 

KGI Bank received approval to issue credit cards in 1992 and launched the first EMV MasterCard in Taiwan in an alliance with department stores, drug stores, travel agencies and EasyCard. As of end-December 2016, it had around 0.5mn cards in force and NT$1.09bn in outstanding balances. It also issued the first cash card in Taiwan in 1999 with a long-lasting, dominant market share ever since. Besides offering additional funds for customers’ flexible use, the bank develops potential card customers utilizing its solid project execution experience, and has actively retained the existing customer base by undertaking new projects. As of end-2016, KGI Bank commanded over 70% of the cash card market, by far the largest among local banks.

To provide customers with more convenience, the bank allows installment payments for transactions across all retail channels. It strives to boost card spending by adding designated stores and launching seasonal marketing campaigns. In order to increase cardholders’ shopping options, the bank focuses on partnerships in specific industries, expanding the categories of consumption and issues co-branded credit cards with electronic ticketing companies and the clients of its affiliates. It also expands acquiring business to strengthen ties with retailers on the back of its digital technologies. It actively manages its Facebook fan page. With a slogan “We Care”, the page provides fun networking activities to engage users and useful financial information to attract young customers as a means to enhance customer stickiness.

Home mortgage loans

KGI Bank saw mortgage loans grow by a steady 12.5% YoY in 2016, as it secured more properties at premium locations as collateral, with a focus on pricey units, mortgage refinancing and financially stable clients. Since home loans have become a crucial part of almost everyone’s personal financial plan, the bank aims to cross-sell mortgage products to existing wealth management customers via a member-get-member (MGM) scheme. It features revolving mortgage loans with adjustable interest rates as a wealth management product. By integrating corporate finance clients and channels, the bank has also expanded its mortgage loans through the construction and land development loan business.。