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Consumer Banking

Consumer banking takes a customer-centric approach that aims to provide specialized products to clients with different exposures.

Products are structured in accordance with clients’ risk appetites and rigorous risk management has been enforced to enhance superior asset quality.

To capitalize on the cross-selling opportunities, KGI Bank leverages its channel resources and e-banking platform to further enhanced and maintained client relationships.

To ensure the efficiency and quality of the services provided to clients, IT system is updated on an ongoing basis.

Personal Loan

Since KGI Bank re-launched its personal loan business in 2010, the total lending volume has grown 13.83 times, and the loan balance surpassed NT$17 billion. With the highest lending growth rate in Taiwan, KGI Bank’s market share continues to grow steadily. In expanding its personal loan business, the bank primarily targets professionals and qualified office workers to provide customized products and services such as balance transfer and various payment options. A variety of seasonal programs are launched for different special occasions such as tax payment services and personal loan solutions services around national holidays. KGI bank also taps into its corporate banking channels to explore business opportunities in listed companies, government agencies, and educational institutions. Meanwhile, the bank adopts segment pricing for different customer groups and enhances cross-selling opportunities so as to increase other product holdings, such as deposit accounts, dual-card (credit card and cash card) accounts, and mortgages.

In response to emerging Bank 3.0 business landscape, KGI Bank will provide versatile online application options and streamline end-to-end process to acquire younger generation. Big Data analytics will be adopted to improve customer acquisition effectiveness, reduce costs, and manage asset quality more efficiently. The analytics can also be utilized in conjunction with multi-structured data on the mobile Internet, e-commerce platforms, and social networks to reach out to potential customers. Based on its strengths and experience in retail banking, KGI Bank has setup up to march into the Chinese market to provide better products and services to customers across Taiwan Strait and explore vast potential profit.

Credit/Cash Card

In 1992, KGI Bank was approved to issue credit cards. Ever since then, KGI Bank had forged alliances with several sectors such as department stores, pharmacies, travel agencies, and companies such as the EasyCard Corporation. KGI Bank was also the first qualified EMV MasterCard credit card issuer in Taiwan. In 1999, the bank issued the first cash card in Taiwan with a long-lasting, dominant market share. In 2012, the cash card was renamed as “Flexible Card,” with a focus to help cardholders accommodate various financing needs and deal with unexpected expenditures. With its abundant and successful experience in delivering card programs, KGI Bank aims on exploring potential customer groups while creating value-added service for existing customers. Besides, several new projects are adopted to reduce card cancellation by customers. By the end of 2014, the revolving balance of the banks’ dual cards was on the top of the industry.

In its ongoing quest for innovation in technology and services, KGI Bank initiated its acquiring business in 2013, delivering services on both physical and online payment channels for Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and UnionPay. In 2014, the bank started to provide an acquiring service for Taiwan Traveler Card to diversify its acquiring business. The bank seeks to integrate resources from its credit card issuance and acquiring businesses and create mutual benefits from cross-industry alliance. After becoming a subsidiary of CDF in September, 2014, KGI Bank launched the KGI Co-branded EasyCard Titanium Card in January, 2015, which features unlimited cash rebate. KGI Bank also rolled out the Premium Visa Infinite with the slogan, ''One in a Million, Infinite Premiums.'' By invitation only, the card aims at high-level customer segment to provide them with premium services and help enhance their professional image. KGI Bank will continue to blend new technology into credit cards to enable innovative services such as mobile credit card application and mobile payment, strengthen the functions of credit card, and make forays into the payment market.