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Branch Banking

The Branch Banking is divided into three services: Financial Instruments, Emerging Corporate, and Branch Service. The Financial Instruments provides a wide range of products and services to satisfy customer needs, such as deposit, mortgage, investment, insurance, and emerging corporate finance. It also maps out and executes strategic plans for the bank’s virtual channels (including the internet and mobile banking) and promotes all the bank’s products and services to achieve business goals. The Emerging Corporate provides access to operating capital to SMEs with high potential but inadequate collaterals. The Branch Service, on the other hand, is responsible for managing the operation and services of all branches.
Following the bank’s business strategies and regulations, the Dept. carries out business plans and evaluates the performance of sales to help all branches achieve various business targets.

Financial Instruments

KGI Bank always adopts a cautious approach to asset management and helps clients properly distribute investment through various products, such as non-discretionary money trust investment funds, ETF, and foreign bonds. To protect clients’ personal and property safety, KGI Bank also provides property/life insurance products such as interest-sensitive life insurance/annuity insurance, increasing/ROP whole life insurance, investment-oriented insurance policies, and health and accident insurance.

For its deposit services, KGI Bank sets up collections and payment transfer platforms to facilitate clients with strong demands for cash flow transactions to increase funds in their demand deposit. KGI Bank also provides Renminbi (RMB) deposit services to satisfy customers’ need to diversify currency portfolio. For its lending services, in addition to satisfying the capital needs of existing customers, KGI Bank provides mortgage solutions to premium customers to address their various wealth management needs. It also provides emerging corporate loans to increase spread income and capital interflow for the bank.

In response to the development of mobile banking and Bank 3.0, KGI Bank will strengthen its services on the online and mobile banking, and enhance functions for mobile ATM cards. While continuing to deliver services though physical branches, it will also go digital and paperless to serve new segments. In addition to enabling convenient, safe, and real-time financial transactions, transfer, and consumption, KGI Bank will develop more mechanisms to interact with customers via virtual channels. It will integrate physical and virtual channels to increase customer loyalty, reduce operating costs, and enhance overall customer contribution.

Emerging Corporate

In terms of Emerging Corporate, KGI Bank establishes a credit management model for SMEs based on their products, revenues, credit rating, and collaterals. In the spirit of BASEL, it also sets up multiple layers of screening in its risk management model. It seeks to manage the non-performing loans ratio at acceptable levels in ways such as selecting target industries, establishing criteria for client selection, reviewing credit application, loan portfolio management, post-lending management, and setting up a debt collection management system. The group aims to achieve higher returns with appropriate risk management. It also uses a credit guarantee system to provide access to operating capital to SMEs with high potential but inadequate collaterals.

Branches Services

KGI Bank now has 51 branches all around Taiwan, The network will expand to 53 branches (19 in the Greater Taipei Area, 8 in Taoyuan , Hsinchu, and Miaoli, 8 in Taichung and Changhwa, 9 in Yunling, Chiayi, and Tainan, 6 in Kaohsiung and Pintung, and 3 in Yilan, Hualien, and Taitung) in November 2015. The branches include four flagship branches—the Sanchong, Zhongxiao, Shi-zheng, and Gao-mei-guan Branch, and two mini-branches in Taitung and Douliou. All the branches form a comprehensive network that provides integrated services.

All the branches provide customers with a comprehensive selection of products and services, with a focus on wealth management, NTD/foreign currency deposit, mortgage loans, personal loans, SME loans, and cross-selling of products. With the resources from CDF, KGI Bank also jointly markets financial products such as securities and futures, and personalized financial services to corporate clients.

For operational planning, KGI Bank continues to refine service quality through sound customer experience management. The bank also seeks to enhance service proficiency and polish professional image through bank property management, relocation planning, improvement on staff performance, and streamlining of processes. To adequately address various customer needs, the branches will be divided into flagship branches, comprehensive branches, and wealth management branches based on the location and services provided of each branch. To upgrade its software and enable a user-friendly experience, the bank will set up an intelligent form-filling system and install a brand-new user interface on its new generation of ATMs.