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Wealth Management

KGI Bank’s wealth management team helps clients evaluate their financial state and provides a financial plan that caters to their needs at different stages of life. Both individuals and families are able to formulate financial goals with the bank’s consulting services and financial products.

The bank has 53 branches around Taiwan, with 21 in North Taiwan (i.e. Taipei), 8 in lower north Taiwan (Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli), 7 in central Taiwan (Taichung and Changhua), 8 in upper south Taiwan (Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan), 6 in south Taiwan (Kaohsiung and Pingtung) and 3 in east Taiwan (Yilan, Hualien and Taitung). The comprehensive network around the island forms a robust sales platform for wealth management, NT dollar and foreign currency deposits, personal loans, SME business loans and cross-selling. The bank offers personal financial services bundling securities / futures brokerage and payroll accounts to leverage the resources of the parent holding company.

Focus on customer relationship management

KGI Bank seeks to provide individual customers with a thorough financial plan according to their financial state and needs at different stages of life. The bank prioritizes customer needs and maximizes their interests via customer differentiation. Through ever-improving services and the long-term cultivation of customer relationships, it aims to achieve a high rate of customer satisfaction.

In-depth financial plan

KGI Bank provides timely investment insight to wealth management clients on the back of its well-planned product lineup as well as the research resources of its holding company. Its financial advisors are equipped with comprehensive financial knowledge, allowing clients to consult about investment, commodity-linked products, personal finance and even taxes. Their personalized advice caters to every client’s needs.

Comprehensive products

KGI Bank has a full line of financial services and products for individuals, including NT dollar and foreign currency deposits, insurance, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETF), foreign bonds and structured products in various currencies. In response to changes in the market and customer needs, the bank has solutions that protect the principal and generate income at the same time. In addition, its entrepreneur loans provide small- and medium-sized businesses the operating funds they need and enhance the flexibility of using the funds.

Banking made more convenient through technology

KGI Bank has not only expanded its network and transformed its branches, which offer full services and investment channels, but it has added an intelligent bank-form entry system and a new ATM interface through software upgrades in order to enhance customer satisfaction. Amid the global fintech trend, the bank has developed virtual channels, including online banking and mobile banking, to make transactions more convenient, and it offers a customized payment platform to make money transfers more efficient.