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Merchant Banking

The Merchant Banking Division is positioned as a unique and strategic value-added platform to differentiate our value proposition as well as strengthen our competitiveness in the market.

This Division was established in 2011 with Corporate Advisory Group and Structure Financing Group. Our team delivers high-quality corporate strategic advices and diverse financing solutions to our clients, including M&A, LBO, Assets Revitalization, Project Finance, Mezzanine, and Acquisition Financing. We handle our cross border operations through our network, delivery platforms, connectivity and competencies on both domestic and the regions in Greater China as well as Asia to offer the broadest range of products and advisory services, furthering our ability to deliver best-in-class solutions to our clients.

Corporate Advisory Group

CDF has played a significant role in the country's economic development with its long-term participation in government and infrastructure projects, and also in advisory for synergy in private sectors. As a leading corporate advisory service provider, CDF offers optimal and comprehensive financial products and services with the goal for our clients to sustain advantage- making resilience, and the ability to seize opportunities, increasingly vital.

Our Corporate Advisory Services aim is to provide our clients total solution financial services from assets, liability, and stockholder’s equity. The main business is as following:

Our main service lines includes acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint ventures, corporate restructurings, recapitalizations, spin-offs, exchange offers, leveraged buyouts and takeover defenses as well as shareholder relations. Moreover, Corporate Advisory Services comprises source of CDF to offer investment, financing, and underwriting financial services.

Structure Financing Group

Structured Financing is one of our main products which merchant banking department offers on its integrated financial services platform. With our abundant experience in the international capital market, profound industrial knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region and investment network of private equity funds, the Structure Financing Group provides tailor-made advisory services and solutions for clients in the Asia-Pacific region regarding their specific financing needs for cross-border M&A, LBO and growth capital. By providing LBO financing, mezzanine financing, growth capital and diverse funding strategies, we can not only enhance the operational synergy of corporate banking, but more importantly, also help creating value for our clients.

Syndicated loans are usually used to support the financial needs in the structure financing; therefore the syndicated loan business is also one of the main merchant banking business products. In addition to syndicated loans required for capital expenditure and working capital funds, we have long been deeply engaged in the project finance business in Taiwan as a financial resource and service provider, which makes our expertise, experience and resource advantages in syndicated loans well exceed our peers. We have played a crucial role in many large projects in Taiwan in recent years, including syndicated loans for power plant development, industrial park development, power plant share acquisition, cable TV acquisition as well as merger deals across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Our future focus of structure financing and syndicated loan business will lie in the continuous development and maintenance of quality clients and private equity fund not only in Taiwan but also in the overseas. The merchant banking will continue to strengthen the business relationship with our KGI Security in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Great China region, further integrating the sources of CDF, and provide overall syndicated loan solutions covering product design, underwriting and distribution among syndicated banks.