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Corporate Banking

Through its professional division of labor, KGI Bank’s corporate banking business provides customized financial services that focus primarily on project financing to small, medium, and large enterprises. Serving more than 700 corporates and conglomerates, the Bank continues to innovate in an ever-changing market in Asia-Pacific region.

Our Leveraged Finance team offers customized financing solutions for cross-border M&A, leveraged buyout, mezzanine growth capital and various special situations. Our Syndication team has strong structuring and distribution capability for arranging complex transactions in Taiwan.

Our Financial Advisory team provides unique insight for M&A strategy and recapitalization. Together, these three teams form our integrated Merchant Banking Platform that brings about cross-selling synergies and further differentiates the Bank from regional competitors.

Industrial Banking

Developing and maintaining relations with major corporate banking clients in industries such as consumer goods, industrials, electronics, and semiconductors.

Institutional Financing

Developing businesses and maintaining relations with domestic and foreign financial institutions.

Banking for Greater China

Developing and maintaining relations with corporate banking clients in Greater China.

Project Finance

KGI Bank has consistently ranked in the top of Taiwan's project finance league tables. Through numerous deal experiences in financing power plants, developing industrial parks, enhancing high-tech manufacturing capacity, and corporate restructuring, the Bank has developed insight, expertise and unique advantages, including:

  • Project finance liquidity risk management;
  • Bespoke monetization solution;
  • Superior credit rating and strong capital support.