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Corporate Banking

KGI Bank’s Corporate Banking Division has established a comprehensive client service network, aiming to help major clients build business relationships with upstream, midstream and downstream suppliers. The Division provides various financial services to clients with a focus on project finance and trade-related products. 

Serving more than 1,000 corporations and conglomerates, the Corporate Banking Division continues to provide total financial solutions in response to market changes and meet the financing needs of clients. It plays the role of financial advisor for corporations on the back of its top-notch products and services. In addition, the Division utilizes its expertise and long-term experience in the industry, providing syndicated loans to support capital expenditure and working capital needs, as well as project financing. Supported by substantive resources, KGI Bank competes with other commercial banks via differentiation and aggressive expansion in the global market.

Industrial Banking

KGI Bank offers comprehensive product lines, including credit, foreign exchange, cash management and trade finance services to support large corporate clients of various sectors, such as consumer goods, industrial, electronics, semiconductor and others.

Institutional Financing

KGI Bank aims to deliver comprehensive products and services to domestic and international financial institutions and their affiliated companies.

Banking for Greater China

In the wake of globalization and clients’ business expansion in Greater China, KGI Bank has developed an extensive platform in the Greater China region to offer customized solutions and financial-market services to institutional clients.

Project Finance

KGI Bank is recognized as a market leader in various types of project finance, with comprehensive experience and a proven track record in financing power plants, industrial parks, factories and machinery as well as leverage buy-outs (LBOs). This is complemented by extensive services for providing associated investment, leasing, trust, advisory and syndicated loans.

KGI Bank stands out in the project finance business due to the following advantages:

  • Abundant experience in providing project finance advisory services;
  • Expertise in developing customized and appropriate financing proposals;
  • The ability to arrange timely project funding through different funding sources and financial instruments.instruments.